The A.S.F. Enterprise srl By Tuscan Stucchi has been a leading company for decorative stucco for interiors, cement products, resin, and water-repellent plaster for exteriors, in addition to wooden profiles, in the Italian and international market for over forty years. The gained experience, the innovative production, and the continuous search for new furnishing solutions are the peculiar skills of our work. Thanks to a constant commitment, we are always able to guarantee our customers, from retailers to users, a punctual service and high quality and performing products with regard to technical characteristics and costs.  Being able to understand and interpret new trends and being able to know how to grasp the continuous challenges the market presents help us to keep alive our artistic spirit, made up of knowledge, research, and innovation. These factors have always distinguished us.

At the beginning of our business activity, our company exclusively produced plaster items for interiors, mainly in a classic style, as market features of the early seventies demanded. These were the years in which our production techniques were perfected and developed, implementing knowledge acquired through ancient master craftmanship, in order to achieve a wide range of products in a relative short time. With the experience gained over the years, we have also been able to create contemporary style products with innovative design, reworking the manufacturing tradition and creating new market trends.

After a few years, manufacturing production had undergone a new important development through the construction of a plant for the production of wooden profiles. Consequently, the Tuscan Stucchi Wood Line was born, consisting of items such as skirting boards, frames, door strips, and corner protectors, able to increase the company’s commercial offer. Through a careful selection of raw materials and technological specialization, this new sector is growing and creating a wide and constantly updated offer.

It was in the early 2000s that the production of decorative elements for the exterior was introduced. With the use of materials such as water-repellent gypsum, concrete, and resin, we create elements for decorating the exteriors of both private and public buildings, opening a new production segment that increases the company’s knowledge and potential. In addition to be used for new buildings, these elements have allowed further opportunities for the conservative restoration sector, having provided a complete line collection and having given the possibility of customizing any type of decoration.

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